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Street Food Majuro

Sadly due to the changes of flight schedule by Nauru airlines my time in Majuro this year (2019) was cut down to one night, and part of a day. But me being me I obviously made the most of it!

The Pub, Majuro

Dinner was taken, as always in the Marshall Islands Resort (MRI) where I hade the Marshalesse Poke, a variation on the Hawaiian Poke, a raw fish sashimi type thing. Not exactly sure of the difference in the two, but I’m a huge fan of a poke!

Majuro Poke at MIR

At night we decided to hit the town by visiting “The Pub”, literally the name of a pub in Majuro. Nice islahd vibes, and only $4 for a gin and tonic. Yes please!

Didn’t I mention street food? So, street food in the Pacific islands is not much of a thing, but in Majuro of a weekend the streets come alive! Basically everyone that seeks to own a barbecue lines every open space from central majuro to the airport barbecuing up a storm. It’s very heavy on pork, with ribs in BBQ sauce being a top choice.

Street Food Majuro

In fact it’s fairly hard to resist getting something with the whole of Majuro having a bbq waft floating through it. I could have happily stayed another night, but alas we were off to Nauru, there really isn’t much in the way of street food in Nauru.

Street Food Majuro

Majuro Street Food though, A OK by the Street Food Guy.

Written by Gareth

Hop hop Island Hop!

Majuro to Nauru