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Silas Restaurant and Samurai Saloon

Silas Restaurant and Samurai Saloon

Silas restaurant and samurai saloon are a bar/restaurant saloon found whilst heading out into the jungles of Kampot.

We’d spent most of our nights hanging out in the Old Street of Kampot sampling street food, and of course the best burger in Kampot! For our last night, our hosts suggested we head to the countryside for some Khmer food.

By countryside they meant a 15-minute drive to Silas, a really quaint place run an American fellow in a beautiful jungles setting – there were mosquitos…

The menu was quite varied featuring Khmer classics like lok lak, as well as country fried potatoes and ribs!

Is it vegan friendly?

Silas has a decent selection for vegetarians or vegans in Kampot, although I severely had meat on my mind!

What to eat at Silas, Kampot?

So, the ribs had come heavily recommended, and at 7 bucks for a large was an automatic order. Before it arrived the waft of ribs had us truly salivating. Delivery was perfect, taste top-notch. Best ribs in Kampot? Probably…

Khmer fish curry – Amok

We’d decided to indulge in a little culture, and this was one Khmer dish that I’d yet to try. Apparently amok is usually very soupy, but Silas does their own take, which is creamy and cooked with a river fish, in this case, a catfish. A great accompaniment to the amazing ribs.

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Drinking in Silas

All the ideal stuff, decent enough prices (a buck a beer) and even fresh coconuts!

Conclusion on Silas Kampot

The decent venue, great food, and friendly service. A nice even sleepier change from the already sleepy town of Kampot…

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