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How to eat during coronavirus

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I’ve written a few blogs about eating and surviving during coronavirus, as well as about the deck lining sales of Corona, but what about surviving foodwise? Here are my top tips!

Don’t panic…

People panicking, and panic buying is simply stupid. There’s no harm in being stocked up, but don’t fight over toilet paper, it just makes you an asshole.

What street food is safe during coronavirus?

This one is hard to say. In many respects food is just food, it’s the surroundings that are more the problem. In this respect avoid places with too many people, which sadly means a lot of street food vendors. Also, opt for take-away, but from servers wearing masks and eat at home.

What fast-food is safe during coronavirus?

Fast-food franchises, such as McDonalds and KFC tend to be famous in Asia for having higher cleanliness standards than your average street food vendor (read the KFC story here). Again opt for takeaway, but good safe options.

Can I get coronavirus from Chinese food?

No, you cannot, don’t be a knobhead, no more so than you can get it from Milanese pizza now. That being said if you get food delivered follow the same standards you would in any interaction.

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What is the safest way to eat during coronavirus?

If there’s an outbreak where you are quarantine yourself and cook. Get incentive with the ingredients you have in your house on prioritizing the buying of long-lasting non-perishable goods like pasta, and ramen noodles. I managed 7 days isolated in a hotel, with my kimchi rahmen sandwich being particularly interesting…

Be nice during coronavirus

Be nice, wash your hands, and don’t panic. Things can and will get better if we do. If not they frankly won’t.

Happy trails!

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