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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Panic Buy

I’ve called this blog 7 reasons why you should not panic buy, but it should really be called seven reasons why panic buying during coronavirus makes you a complete asshole.

Without further waiting, here’s my tirade on why people basically have no compassion and are shit heads. I have now seen empty shelves in China, New Zealand (2 cases), with people fighting in the UK, and the USA over shit tickets.

I’ll get on with it.

7) The government have told you not to

This isn’t j-walking or smoking a fatty every now and again, this is trying to help people during a pandemic. If you have any humanity, listen to government advice, even if you don’t like the government. Don’t be that shithead.

6) Stockpiling masks doesn’t actually protect you

I know people aren’t being altruistic when they mass buy face-masks, so here is the news flash, masks protect others from you, not the other way around. Now you know it does not actually help you, you have no reason to be a dick about this.

5) Think of the most at risk – old people

Old people often take the bus to go shopping once a week and now they get to arrive at the supermarket to find there aren’t enough big-roll. If you have a car, you really do not need to hoard crap. Try and imagine it is your grandma going without. Yep, you feel like shit now eh!

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4) You’d actually survive without toilet paper

Even heard of a bum gun? Big deal in south-east Asia, more hygienic than TP, and a shower would do the trick. Or buy “The Sun” newspaper and wipe your anus with that.

3) You look silly

Not only do you look silly, but you are being silly. It is not rationale, you are proving the tragedy of the commons as being true. 

2) If it gets REALLY serious toilet paper and masks won’t help

Wash your hands, don’t go out unnecessarily, use common sense. If there’s a pandemic, a bag full of masks won’t give you any advantages to your neighbor.

1) Most importantly, be nice

Half the reason this spread in the first place was people simply being selfish, don’t be that guy, or girl. If we are nice and work together we will get through it.

Try it, being nice to people is nice…

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