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Peleliu Guide

U.S. troops of the First Marine Division storm ashore from beached "Alligator" vehicles at Peleliu Island, Palau on Sept. 20, 1944 during World War II. The invasion started Sept. 14. The smoke is from a burning "Alligator." (AP Photo/Joe Rosenthal)

If you have even a vague interest in World War 2 then Peleliu of Palau is an absolute wet dream. This was where some of the fiercest fighting of the Pacific theatre occurred, and the island is like one big open air museum.

If you’re visiting Koror, a day trip to Peleliu is an absolute must, and a decent change from looking at fish, or eating Fruit Bat.

How do you get to Peleliu?

It’s one hour by boat and usually done as a day trip. We use Palau 7 wonders, and it includes transfer, tour and lunch. There’s a twice daily ferry from Koror, but it takes over two hours…

Is there an airport on Peleliu?

Peleliu International airport baby! Built by the Japanese it still serves some expensive charter flights. Some ferries from Koror also come here.

Can you stay on Peleliu?

There’s lots of hotels, and diving is a big deal here. Restaurants, bars and shops. Peleliu is on the tourist trail.

What is there to do on Peleliu?

World War 2 wreck bonanza! Japanese tanks, American tanks, planes, airfields memorials and buildings, all in the jungle. In some ways Peleliu is like the Angkor Wat of the Pacific, with nature having taken over these Japanese colonial era buildings. And of course like the rest of Palau you can dive or snorkel on the island of Peleliu.

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Any other top tips for visiting Peleliu?

Do the hike at Bloody Nose to get a 180 degree view of the island. Also get your boat to stop on the way back for a swim in the Pacific Ocean!

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