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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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    Pampanga Street Food!!!

    Fun fact kids! Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines  As in it has the best cuisine in the country. I’ve written about backstreet Angeles fare before, but today I was to hit the street food mothership. In Angeles there used to be an American Air Force base […] More

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    The Foshan Guide

    What is Foshan? Foshan is an ancient tier 2/3 city in Guangdong province, that is connected by subway to Guangzhou. It “only” has 7.2 million people, BUT is 4 times the size of Guangzhou (20 million people). Foshan is the most spread out city I have ever been to in […] More

  • Shunhua Beef Noodles
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    Shunhua – Fast Food in Foshan

    Foshan East Railway station is the usual metropolis fast train station that you find in China, all good except there is pretty much nothing here. Like at all. Most of the new brand of superstations in China have McDonald’s, KFC, and a smattering of local variety type fast-food restaurants, such […] More

  • Shunde Sashimi
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    Shunde Sashimi

    Any day that starts off with sashimi for breakfast in the Hilton is probably going to be a good day, but on my recent trip to Foshan, I had no idea what a baller day it would become. I was due to be picked up at 10.30 for a meeting […] More

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    Business class on the CHR

    For the uninitiated, the CHR, China High-speed Railway – gao tie, is the fastest train network system in China. Example on times being something like Xi’an to Beijing taking 5 hours, instead of the 12-14 on the slow train network.  Last year the Lao tie was extended from several cities […] More

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    The Hilton – Foshan

    OK, so the Hilton is not exactly down with my Street Food credentials, but seeing as I have already done a crap city guide to Foshan. I’ll review it regardless. Why the Hilton – Foshan What I love about these lower tier cities is how cheap the hotels are. The […] More

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    5 best Street Foods in Asia

    When it comes to street food there is not a continent that can even hold a candle to Asia, well maybe Central America. Bustling markets, weird snacks, hawkers, and the sights, sounds, and smells that are enough to drive any foodie mad. Asia has it all. Now, I also realize […] More

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    Exploring Tai O village

    Despite virtually living in Hong Kong, I rarely step out of my comfort zone. A zone that consists of Wan Chai, Lamma Island, and TST. Classy, I know. Therefore being dragged to Tai O village was quite the pleasant surprise. Tai O is basically an old school fishing island to […] More

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    Dicos Menu Review

    For whatever reason my blog on Dicos in China is one of my most read blogs, not to mention my article on the top 5 fast food restaurants in China, which you can read here. I’ve therefore decided, and against my better judgment to break all known protocol, and walk […] More

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