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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • corona beer

    Is it rational that people stopped drinking Corona?

    I’ve only done a few blogs about the coronavirus on here, partly because I want to keep this as happy a place as it can be, but also because I think there are other platforms best suited to it. But we cannot ignore the elephant in the room that is […] More

  • panic buying during coronavirus
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    7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Panic Buy

    I’ve called this blog 7 reasons why you should not panic buy, but it should really be called seven reasons why panic buying during coronavirus makes you a complete asshole. Without further waiting, here’s my tirade on why people basically have no compassion and are shit heads. I have now […] More

  • battered sausage
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    Battered Sausage

    There are a lot of uniquely British foods, such as saveloys, which can also be battered, burger sauce, and the battered sausage. I’m not assuming you’re stupid, but if you are not a Brit (Aussie) it might be a bit of a weird, or foreign concept to you. So what […] More

  • what is saveloy
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    What is A Saveloy?

    What is a saveloy? If you have read my blog on the correct way to eat fish and chips, you will have an idea, but essentially a saveloy is a very English sausage! Whenever I am back in the UK there are a few go-to foods that I truly miss, […] More

  • hungry jacks vs burger king
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    Hungry Jacks vs Burger King

    Hungry Jacks vs Burger King, which one is better? Are they the same? And if so, why is Burger King called Hungry Jacks in Australia? So many questions right? Well, let me set the scene. On a recent trip to Australia I noticed a fast food joint called “Hungry Jacks”, […] More

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    Why is Street Food Is So Good?

    People often ask me why I love street food so much? And why street food is good? Actually no one ever asks me this question, and few (as per the statistics) will search for the term, but I’m going to tell you anyway. People blog for many reasons, fame, money, […] More

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    Jollibee in Tsim Sha Tsui

    My diet over my week of quarantine has been 7-11 sandwiches, and my own concoctions, which resulted in the Kimchi Rahmen Sandwich. Today in TST I decided against Indian Food in Chunking Mansions, due to cleanliness. I decided to go to McDonald’s until I spotted a very jolly looking bee. […] More

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    Street Food Chunking Mansions

    An absolute den of criminality, vice, and cheap hotels, but street food Chunking Mansions is quite amazing! For those of you unaware what Chunking Manions is, check out this gem I recently wrote. Basically it’s two things, the dodgiest plane in Honkers, and little India. Well that’s a bit simplistic, […] More

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    Introducing Chunking Mansions

    There’s a certain irony to the naming of Chunking Mansions, Chunking is many many things, mansions it is not. Probably the dodgiest place in Hong Kong, but at least it has good street food. Where is Chunking Mansions? Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Asia, The World – the zip […] More

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