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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • Frog stuffed with pork

    Frog stuffed with pork – Cambodia style

    Frog stuffed with pork is apparently quite a delicacy in Cambodia, so when I saw it, I simply had to have it! Recently in Siem Reap a friend said to me that she had to take me “off roading”. At the time I was not absolutely sure what this would […] More

  • seafood shawarma
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    Seafood shawarma

    When are hanging around the riverside of Phnom Penh, kinda around the 110-130 street type range your bars are ten a penny, usually serve cheap beer and food that is relatively mediocre. I was to accidentally end up at a place called River Bistro Lounge, accidentally as I needed to […] More

  • Eating Hakarl
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    How to Eat Hakarl

    What is hakarl? How do you eat it? and why on earth do people eat it? Well time surely flies when you are having fun and it is now a year since I headed for a global trek and Iceland research adventure, which would also take me to Greenland and […] More

  • Buffalo meat in Phnom Penh
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    Buffalo meat in Phnom Penh

    I have gotten somewhat behind on my food blogging, so have decided to review my latest meal, like a real foodie pro! Whilst walking around my local area I noticed a BBQ type place which was serving up big old clumps of meat, meat that looked almost like it had […] More

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    My first trip to North Korea

    People often ask me about how I ended up creating a travel agency specializing in North Korea and indeed about my first trip to the country. Well it turns out there is only so much food I can write about in Siem Reap, so I have decided to go on […] More

  • Best Bars of Sok San Road
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    The Best Bars of Sok San Road

    Almost every country has its special little area filled with bars where a gentleman need not go lonely, and for Siem Reap that is Sok San Road. The difference here though and say Fields Avenue in Angeles or Wan Chai is that these are not go-go bars, or bar fine, […] More

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    Silk Garden – Siem Reap

    Silk Garden is probably the best bar on Pub Street! Generally speaking I tend to fall into avoiding Pub Street like the plague, but there is the odd place there that I enjoy (Cozy Bar) and others I go but don’t really like, like Picasso. To read about the legend […] More

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    JD’s Bar

    I’m genuinely amazed at how many bars and restaurants are currently opening in Siem Reap. It seems barely a week goes by when there is not a new bar opening. We introduce JD’s Bar…. JDs Bar is located opposite the unimaginative Unity Hostel, as well as being very close to […] More

  • Stinky tofu

    Stinky Tofu – Is it that Smelly?

    There are a lot of good foods that smell bad, such as durian, then there are foods that smell and taste bad, like hakarl, but where does stinky tofu fit into the grand mix of things? To read about durian click here. To read about hakarl click here. I was […] More

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    Guest Blog: Foodie tour in Sydney, Australia

    From the sweet to the exquisite, there’s something for everybody in the splendid food centre known as Sydney. Get your hands filthy eating road food in a hurry, dive into tempting treats, fulfil yourself with exemplary local produce, and find extraordinary artisan cafés around the city. Yes, you heard right. […] More

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