Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • North Korean Potato Soda
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    North Korean Potato Soda

    Facebook have just been good enough to remind about the epic trip I took 5 years ago. This involved living in Transnistria, visiting Crimea and attending the Rason International Trade Fair of 2015. And it was here that I discovered North Korean potato soda. To read more about eating in […] More

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    Haggis, brown sauce and Cambodia

    Haggis the famous Scottish dish of animal blood and meat, a bunch of sheep guts, oats and intenseness thrown into a bladder and cooked up a treat! This is one of those many dishes that regularly makes lists of most rancid in the world, but is it that bad? OK, […] More

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    Yuncheng and the Dead Sea of China

    I’m going through a bit of retro-China review of old photos and trips I have been on, which turned me onto Yuncheng, Ruicheng and the dead sea of China. I’ll add that the trip was 10 plus years ago. Back then I was an English teacher at EF English First […] More

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    Cold Kefir Soup in Crimea

    Generally speaking I am not huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Evil Empire, but I do like the “your memories” section. Today I was reminded about when I (briefly) lived in Tiraspol. Living in Transnistria started a long journey that included a road trip along the Romanian and […] More

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    Where to drink rice wine in Hanoi?

    Where to drink rice wine in Hanoi?  Good question and one we will get to! But first let’s talk rice wine. Fun fact! The biggest selling liquor brand in the world in Ginro Soju, but soju and indeed sake are not exactly rice wines. Rice Wine/liquor is actually the biggest […] More

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    Sihanoukville to Koh Rong

    After the night in the hotel of hell in Sihanoukville I was ready for happier times on a deserted island, but sadly it looked like mother nature may have other plans for my day. From arrival in Sihanoukville it had literally pissed down with rain and it was seemingly not […] More

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    When I got to play with an AK-100

    Last year I got to visit Bir Tawil via Sudan, a trip that would lead to one of the my more interesting adventures over the years, and holding an AK-100 in the desert of Africa. If you’ve not of Bir Tawil it is small pice of desert that Egypt and […] More

  • the faggots
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    The Faggot

    Ok, so that title might seem at worst rather offensive and at best clickbait, but this article is about the famous British dish known as faggots, not the rather offensive American English slur for a homosexual. I’m glad we cleared that up! What is a faggot? Faggots are a kind […] More

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