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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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    Restaurants of Nauru: Anabare Boat Harbour Restaurant

    As I’ve previously discussed the best restaurant in Nauru is Bay Restaurant in Anabare, but another great restaurant is not but a few steps away. Anabare Boat Harbour Restaurant is located almost opposite the main swimming area of Nauru. Technically it’s a chinese restaurant, and indeed they have many chinese […] More

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    Bars of Nauru – Bayview

    Bayview, or Bay restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants and bars in Nauru, although this is less of an achievement when you factor in that the Republic of Nauru has four bars. Located in the Anabare area of Nauru and within walking distance of the bay, and the […] More

  • Noddy Bird BBQ
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    Nauru Noddy Bird BBQ

    Having discovered the national dish of Nauru, the coconut fish, I felt it was not time to stop, but indeed to keep on with Nauru food chronicles, so I asked our hosts what the real local delicacy was. I was told the Noddy bird. The noddy bird, or to get […] More

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    Pacific Socialism

    Since the fall of the Soviet Unión, all things red seem to have been going rather out of fashion. Of the officially communist countries of China, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba, only the latter two still look vaguely communist. But, even for North Korea and Cuba, the last ten […] More

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    We Own an Island

    It was 11 years ago that I first had a vague idea of crowdfunding buying a private island. It was then that I purchased the domain and made a website. The initial plan was to get 50,000 people to pay 50 bucks each. The plan pretty much ran out of steam […] More

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    New Years in Nauru (again)

    Well after a lot of planning, worry over the measles outbreak, immunizations, canceled flights, and a partridge in a pear tree, I’ve finally achieved my third new years in a row in Nauru! We started the day by touring the inner part of the island, which involved urban exploration in […] More

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    Epic Images From Micronesia

    I see a lot of new countries, but it is particularly nice when I get to decree a nation one of my favourites, and the Federated States of Micronesia gets the Gareth seal of approval. I’m not precisely sure what it is I love about Micronesia, but friendly people and […] More

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