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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • Royal the fanta in the Philippines

    Why isn’t there Fanta in the Philippines?

    This is almost a trick question, but in reality aside from quirky foreigner stores you will not find Fanta in the Philippines! So, why is there no Fanta in the Philippines? Because there is Fanta it is just called Royal. Oh and Fun Fact – Fanta was invented by the […] More

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    Street Food Cambodia – Spider and Snake

    Phnom Penh has its problems, what with people trying to steal your phone and tuk-tuk drivers constantly bothering you, but they do got really great Cambodian street food, and a lot of it is rather weird. In my mind Vietnam has the best street food in the world, but Cambodia […] More

  • Harrys Bar and Grill
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    Harry’s Bar and Grill

    #219E Street 2 Preah Sisowath Quay Riverfront, Phnom Penh 12204 Cambodia+855 96 865 6177 During my first month in Phnom Penh I kept walking past this place and thinking “man I should try the ribs here”. Partly because they looked good, and partly because Harry is one of my many […] More

  • Hooters

    Is Hooters coming to Cambodia?

    Is Hooters going to open in Cambodia? The short answer is not right now, but the long answer is probably. We’ve previously dealt with that eternal expat dilemma of it McDonalds is coming to Cambodia, it isn’t, but what about Hooters? famous for their ribs, burgers and ladies with large […] More

  • street food in Phnom Penh night market
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    Street food at Phnom Penh Night Market

    Where is one of the best places for street food in Phnom Penh? Phnom Penh night market. Phnom Penh night market is located just off of the riverside past street 105, and the main girly bar district of the capital. The market is not all that big, but sells a […] More

  • Chili Pan Mee
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    Chili Pan Mee

    Do you like your noodles fired up and super spicy, we introduce chili pan mee! Chili Pan Mee, or Chilly Pan Mee, depending on how sit on the grammar fence is a surer spicy noodle dish that you can now get in Phnom Penh! Where can I get this in […] More

  • Panda Express in China
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    Panda Express opens in China

    Is there Panda Express in China? There never used to be, but they have now opened up a flagship store in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. Just as you thought 2020 could not get any weirder, surreal, or dare we opine, shit then the world throws you another curve […] More

  • Food Explorer - best restaurants in Siem Reap

    Best Restaurants to eat and drink in Siem Reap

    What are the best restaurants to eat in Siem Reap? Well after 7 months I have certainly tried some great food in this city, I have also had some god awful stuff. I’ve therefore decided to list the best restaurants in Siem Reap into one very bite sized article! What […] More

  • Brennivin
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    Some things go together like pease and carrots, such as peas and carrots for example. Brennivin and hakarl are just like that. If you’ve never heard of hakarl it is basically rotten shark, or to be more polite shark that has been fermented in the ground and left to dry […] More

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