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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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    Vegan in the Philippines

    Is it easy to be a vegan or vegetarian in the Philippines? In theory, at least veganism in the Philippines should be a walk in the park, they got rice, they got fruit, they got vegetables, but like most things in the Philippines, it is not all that easy. So, […] More

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    Spy Wine Cooler

    Spy Wine Cooler, the number one wine cooler in south-East Asia. Beer, even good beer like Beer Lao, or Angkor can get a little boring after a while, and unless you wanna go on the hard stuff like Bai Jiu (rice liquor) or cheap local vodka, then your options are […] More

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    A few tips from an old hat at Coronavirus

    I’m sad to say how amusing it is watching the UK fuck up coronavirus so much, as well as self styled Facebook commentators spread falsehoods about it. Here are my top tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse, I mean Covid-19… 1) Don’t be a dick – it hurts you…. Viruses […] More

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    Banh Cuon

    I have spoken a lot about how I met Tom Green in Saigon last year, and on how Vietnamese Street Food is the best in the world. Here’s a bit of throwback Friday to one of my favorite dishes, Banh cuon. Banh cuon is a style of Vietnamese noodle rolls […] More

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    Grand Silverland Hotel and Spa

    This one time at band camp, I mean Saigon I got to treated to a nice hotel by someone else, so ended up at the rather nice Grand Silverland Hotel! Here’s what I thought of it. Location, location, location The Silverland Saigon is in District 1 of HCMC, that is […] More

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    How to Use a Squat Toilet Like A Pro

    I’m constantly being told in Asia (usually by westerners) that squat toilets are actually “better for you”. Well if they were that great people would have them in their houses, they don’t, they have western toilets. Now we could argue the toss about which is better, but if you plan […] More

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    How to eat during coronavirus

    I’ve written a few blogs about eating and surviving during coronavirus, as well as about the deck lining sales of Corona, but what about surviving foodwise? Here are my top tips! Don’t panic… People panicking, and panic buying is simply stupid. There’s no harm in being stocked up, but don’t […] More

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    Ize Cola – ColaQuest

    There’s something about that loves a good underdog story, and you often get this on ColaQuest. A fiesty local upstart taking on the global evil of the Galavtic Empire like Coca-Cola corporation. I present the Ize Cola. I discovered Ize Cola was feeling parched on a trip from Bangkok to […] More

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    Mushy Peas

    Nothing makes you more homesick than food, so this seems to be turning into a UK food.series. Today it’s all about mushy peas! Growing up we ate a lot of peas, I think it is quite an English thing, I seem to rarely see it elsewhere, and I was not […] More

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