Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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    Nauru Travel Guide

    As a frequent visitor to Nauru I have written a hell of a lot about the country, but I have noticed there is still very little in the way of a Nauru Travel Guide. I am half tempted to actually write a proper book, but for now I will attempt […] More

  • Siem Reap Thai Dishes
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    Eat Thai – 5 Best Thai Dishes in Siem Reap

    You’ve got your Chinese and Indian foods that are basically everywhere (especially in the UK) and then you get your outlier cuisines like Thai and Korean, which in my humble opinion are better, but at times harder to come by. Being now based in Siem Reap there are a lot […] More

  • Hu Tieu Nam Vang
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    Hu Tieu Nam Vang – Top Street Food

    Hu Tieu Nam Vang quite simply a top Vietnamese street food sensation! I’ve waxed lyrical a lot about the street food of Vietnam, and whilst I tend to lean towards Hanoi as being the best Saigon offers some classics, and Hu Tieu Nam Vang is one of my favourites. How […] More

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    The Worst Guest House in Cambodia

    After leaving Ban Lung the plan was to drive from there to a place called Son Monorom a place famous for elephants and waterfalls. I like elephants and waterfalls. On the way we were going to stop at a lovely waterfall called Bousra. Everything was going swimmingly until 2km from […] More

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    Banh Mi Near Me

    Are you looking for banh mi near me? Banh Mi or Bánh mì to give it the correct tones is the Vietnamese word for bread! I remember this quite well from when I was learning Vietnamese, as to our class it sounded much more like “bang me”. Sadly this and […] More

  • Sopheakmit waterfall
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    Sopheakmit Waterfall (and street food)

    Travel is all about surprises and every now and again you get thrown a curveball, today we were given the Sopheakmit Waterfall. This is the waterfall between the border of Cambodia and Laos. Where is the Sophaekmit Waterfall On the road from Siem Reap to Stung Treng about 30 minutes […] More

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    Street Food Stung Treng

    Seeing as I’m doing a whole day, night and morning in Stung Treng, I’ve decided to crack out three blogs on the little place! Here’s the Street Food Stung Treng Guide. To read a Stung Treng travel guide click here. Stung Treng Street Food OK! Let’s start from the beginning, […] More

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    40th birthday in Cambodia

    I’m not gonna lie I spent a lot of time thinking about and planning my 40th birthday, I guess for about 2 years. My original plans had been to have a rather large party with a crack group of friends I have accrued over the years and ideally doing something […] More

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    Stung Treng Guide

    Being my birthday we decided on a road trip around the east of Cambodia. The easiest place to get to from Siem Reap (by car) was to head to the rustic border outpost of Stung Treng, so here’s the guide street food, food, drinks and travel in Stung Treng. Stung […] More

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    World Baijiu Day – August 9th

    As night follows day it is not long before you arrive in China that you are introduced to Bai jiu! If you are not aware of what bai jiu is, strap in and get ready for the ride. Happy baijiu day. What is baijiu? Bai Jiu, or baijiu literally translated […] More

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