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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • surviving coronavirus
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    Eating (and surviving) during coronavirus

    So, my plan had been to head to Beihai for the spring festival (Chinese New Year) break, which I duly did, as fate would permit it just after the outbreak of the (Wuhan) coronavirus. To begin with things did not look all that serious (these things seem to happen a […] More

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    This isn’t SARS

    Every day i go to bed hoping that the next days news will be of a cheerier nature, but everyday i seem to be disappointed. As things currently stand there’s (officially) under 3000 people with the virus and (only) around 60 deaths. No deaths have (yet) occurred outside China, which […] More

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    Coronavirus Getting Worse

    I realise this is my street food blog, but seeing as i’m holed up in China watching what daily is becoming more like World War Z i’d like to give my two cents on what’s going on. Firstly, and whilst it is rightly said that the virus started in Wuhan, […] More

  • Traveling to Funafuti in Tuvalu
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    Funafuti is booming!

    I’ve mentioned many times that Tuvalu is my favourite country, although when I talk about Tuvalu i’m really saying Funafuti, as it’s the only place i’ve been. My trip to Nauru this year (2020) led me to writing my Pacific Socialism blog. The general consensus being that with the state […] More

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    Food at Guilin West Railway Station

    Ah, good old Guilin, a place i used to call home. It’s amazing how you can get meloncoly about a place, but then actually visit, and this remember why you left. Welcome to Guilin. Guilin West is the third railway station of Guilin and is located slap bang in the […] More

  • North Korea closes borders again

    North Korea closes – again

    Sadly, North Korea closes its borders, again. Due to the ongoing coronavirus North Korea has shut down all borders to the country. We’re hopeful it doesn’t last too long! More

  • no alcohol beers

    UK Brewers Investing in No Alcohol Beers

    I think the reason I read the Guardian is the same as why I used to read the Daily Mail. Essentially I do it to anger myself. Apparently no alcohol beers or non-alcoholic beers are gonna be the next big thing, and so much so that there’s even been a […] More

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