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Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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    Cambodian Sour Soup

    Cambodian Sour Soup, or Khmer sour soup is an extremely popular sour soup that you will find sold throughout Cambodia. Despite being in the street meat epicenter (my go to food) of Phnom Penh I take the Street Food Guy stuff seriously, and for days have been trying all kinds […] More

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    Best Burger in Kampot

    Where is the best burger in Kampot? Long story short it’s at Laundry Cafe Burger Bar. Generally speaking, I’ve been a very good street food boy, but every now and again you gotta follow the masses, and the masses required burgers. According to our local contacts, Laundry Cafe Burger Bar […] More

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    Egg Proma – Cambodian Omelette

    Egg proma is a Cambodian style omelette combined with salted fish and pork. It truly amazes me just how unknown Cambodian cuisine is to the world. I keep trying new dishes (I am the street food guy after all), trying to look up the dishes online and find little, or […] More

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    Angkor Beer

    It’s not quite a pint they serve you in Phnom Penh, but it’s also not quite a dollar! At 75 cents per class, how does Angkor Beer taste? I find it weird being in a country that uses grown-up money instead of its own currency, like the Euro in North […] More

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    Authentic Street Food Saigon

    Where can you get authentic street food in Saigon? Well at a great food court called Street Food Authentic of course. Usually, my method of choice is to avoid “street food courts” and head for the real street food that is well, on the street. But if time is an […] More

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    ColaQuest – Aje Big Cola

    Aje Big Cola? Ever heard of it? Well, it’s the 4 biggest selling soft-drink in the world (apparently). I prefer FantaQuest, as quests go, due to the different flavors it throws up, but Cola Quest is becoming quite enjoyable too. I recently reviewed Ize Cola and then I discovered Aje […] More

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    Chips and Gravy UK style

    In the interests of this blog, I shall give an honorable mention to poutine of Canada’s fame, which is Canadian chips, gravy, and cheese, but that is not what the article is about today. Today we discuss chips and gravy-like they get from a good old British takeaway! It is […] More

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    What is a pickled egg?

    What is a pickled egg? Long answer short, freaking awesome that’s what it is! Alas, that will not honor the google gods, so let me explain about pickled eggs, and why they are so very wonderful, and British. Pub culture has really changed in the UK, pubs are closing at […] More

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    Lok Lak (Bò lúc lắc)

    Lok lak, or Bò lúc lắc is a sauteed beef dish popular in both Cambodia, and Vietnam, and it is freaking amazing! Colonialism is a funny old beast, generally, it tends to get a fairly bad rap, but from a culinary point of view it has thrown up some rather […] More

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