Laotian Moonshine

When in Rome, or rather Lao, do as the Loatians do, so we decided to try Loatian Moonshine, or rather the local variation of rice wine.

LaoLao as the locas callit is a rice wine based drink, so it is from the Bai Jiu family (Chinese liquor that I hate), rather than the soju family which I love. The bottle we purchased was 7000 kip, 325 ml, and 40% proof. Seven grand sounds like a lot, but in fact its like $1. Cheaper than water in other words.

The bottle came with a peel off opener that meant that once it was open, it was open, you were drinking it all. The Englsh name of the brand from what we could gather from the bottle was “White Champa”. We do not know what in the hell that means.

The taste test……..

As mentioned a despise bai jiu, but this one had a little bit of a fruity edge to it that amde it much more palatable than your average rice wine. I wouldn’t pick it over Soju, but hey i’m Mr Korea (as well as being genuine Street Food Guy), and i’m sure it would go down very well with some Laotian Street Food.

The crazy thing is that unlike bai jiu it tastes like it could actually be drunk with a mixer (test to follow). And to be honest with a bottle costing 80 cents it’s not hard to see how you could easily lose an evening on it.

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Laotian Moonshine had (largelly) passed the taste test, we will see what Cambodia, or indeed the rest of Laos has to offer on our rice-wine adventure!

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