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Isle of Sheppey Photo Blog

Whilst I work on reinventing the SheppeyScum blog, I will finish the current series on the land of the Swampies with a photoblog of my last two trips there, highlighting all the major places on the island, with of course some of my lovely photos!

Visit Sheppey! It’s a lot nicer than you might think!

Getting to Sheppey

The last stop before Sheppey! Fun fact this is the least used train station in Kent.

I like this picture as it shows the new and old bridge as well as an old guy on a bike who has presumably come from the mainland to Sheppey.


In Queensborough, we spotted this Robin Reliant.

A gritty old tanker and tire in the mud, what more could you want?

Supposedly the best micropub in England.


Bluetown is less of a town and more a street these days.

Sign showing the former glories of Bluetown. There are two pubs here. I’ve been to both.


The train station in Sheerness knows how to welcome people!

Millwall-themed pie and mash shop in Sheerness, partly why they call it London-on-sea!

Marine Parade

Another micropub on the journey to Minster.

Remember phoneboxes? I’m sure many drug deal has been done here.

Some arcade in the middle of nowhere.

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Left most of my photos on the go-pro.

Bay View

Bayview is a pub with a town around it. Here’s the pub.


Me eating cockles whilst wearing a Philippines Rugby League jersey in Leysdown-on-Sea. You want random? I deliver.

Savaloy and chips! Iconic seaside food, saveloy, and chips.

My brother getting the true Leysdown beach experience.

Classic 2 penny machines. Far too much effort.

Iconic UK beachside hits you can’t sleep in!


I reckon you could pick this up for $3000. Sheppey Holiday Village wasn’t exactly “happening”.

Sheppey Holiday Village wasn’t exactly “happening”.

Village entertainment.


The view from Warden Bay was actually pretty stunning.

Go Go Broncos

Queensborough – Isle of Sheppey