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Guide to Kampot

As nice as Phnom Penh can be, sometimes you simply gotta get out of hive of scum and villainy and get to a place a bit more chilled out. Kampot is a good place to chill.

How do you get to Kampot?

Presuming you are coming from Phnom Penh, Kampot is (technically) a 3-hour drive. A taxi would cost you about $40 (depending on your bargaining skills), or the Ibis Bus (the most comfortable) is 10 bucks a person.

What is Kampot famous for?

Its main industry is Kampot pepper, and that is what the town is most known for, with there being various tours linked to the industry. From a tourism point of view, it has stunning countryside scenery, a beautiful river running through the middle, and is a great place to grab a moped and just explore.

What is the Kampot nightlife like?

Pre-coronavirus fairly eclectic, post virus, less so. We spent most evenings soaking up the perfect sunset either on the river or at Kook Kampot, which was also where we were staying. Nice enough place.

What is the food like in Kampot?

Due to it having a large ex-pat community the food was pretty good, with lots of western options that were very cheap. Happy Pizza served me a pretty good steak for $7.50, can’t say fairer than that. I was also lucky enough to sample the best poutine, and burgers the town had to offer.

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Street Food Kampot

The street food scene is extremely good, with all the main Khmer cuisine classics being served by the street vendors on the river. Everything that is worth doing, be it clubs, bars, or indeed street food is located alongside the riverfront of Kampot.

How long should I spend in Kampot?

This depends a lot on you, and what you are looking for, but there are enough expats here that have decided to call it home. If you are a stoner Kampot is heaven. If you are not 3-4 days is more than enough time to stay here.

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