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Grand Silverland Hotel and Spa

This one time at band camp, I mean Saigon I got to treated to a nice hotel by someone else, so ended up at the rather nice Grand Silverland Hotel! Here’s what I thought of it.

Location, location, location

The Silverland Saigon is in District 1 of HCMC, that is where everything you need is. Directly next to Saigon market (for clothes), and the slightly touristy Saigon Street Food Market. You are also not 10 minutes’ walk away from an infamous bar district known as “walking street”, similar to the one in the Philippines, except you cannot walk here, mainly due to all the cars and bikes…….

What are the rooms like at the Grand Silverview Hotel?

Decent enough, I was lucky enough to be in the suite, which was roomy and had a hot tub. A hot-tub in Saigon, oh the Cold War true is over.

Any fun stuff to do at the Grand Silverland Saigon?

Well yes actually, they got a rooftop pool, and bar. Rooftop pools are a thing in Ho Chi Minh City, but this one was particularly nice. Also, $5 for a Long Island Iced Tea was not all that unreasonable when you took in the city view and other surroundings.

Breakfast at the Grand Silverland Hotel?

Not sure what grading system to use, but let’s go with a standard B (no plus nor minus). Negatives on the sausage and bacon, but points made up with the egg station (damned good omelet), with tea, or coffee provided via table service. I am an Englishman after all, and you cannot have your morning smoke with a cuppa!

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Overall view on the Grand Silverview Hotel, Saigon.

Overall I’ll give it a firm thumbs up from me on its price, service, location and overall ambiance. The Street Food Guy approves!

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