Epic Pictures of Me (The Street Food Guy)

Well, I am currently sitting in Brennan’s Bar in Belfast having tried to kill 7 hours until I can check into my hotel (Northern Ireland country 144 in case you wondered).

I’m now down to my last 2 hours and 15 minutes and has written 3 blogs already, I’m clutching at what to write next, so here’s a nice little narcissistic piece! My favourite Epic Gareth Johnson pics!


Street Food Guy - Epic Gareth Johnson

​This was me being wanky with the GoPro when we looked at Malaipo Island for LBI.

Street Food Guy
Gareth Johnson with Tom Green in Saigon

Showing off time!

When I got to meet the legendary Tom Green (in a work setting) when he performed in Saigon. A great couple of days.

Gareth with a beautiful Serbian family

Cute photo with my Serbian family in Belgrade. I think we’re looking pretty good.

Gareth, a fun, vodka and a bulldog proof vest. What could go wrong?

Boy bags in Dominican Republic

From our boy and days! We hired a car in the Dominican Republic and had an epic road trip.

Lee Parry holding a massive cock

This one isn’t of me it’s of Lee Parry, but I’d love to get his google rankings up. Lee Parry holding a dildo. Lee Parry with a massive cock. Lee Parry loves huge dildos. Lee Parry cock monster.

Me under the natural well on the way to Gjirokaster. Again I like this pic.

And last but not least the Street Food Guy with a bunch of hotties on May Day in Cuba!

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