Epic Photos from 2019

Would you Adam and Eve it? Another year almost over, and I do mean almost, as I still have 3 more countries and new year in Nauru to knock off.

But, seeing as Boris + Brexit has ended the year as a bit of a big stinking turd  I’ve decided to cheer myself up with a happy snappy epic pictures blog.

Here’s my favourite pics from my favourite places throughout 2019.

Sashimi in Nauru

I started the year in Nauru (again) with a great party and even better sashimi. The Pacific has good sashimi.

Following my Pacific trip we got the YPT team together for a meet up on Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Currimao is one of my favourite places in the Philippines, here’s a shot from Playa Tropical

At ten cents a glass bia hoi is cheap and word does it do the trick. Couple that in with the worlds best street food, and you have a winner.

Vietnamese Pho cocktail

Enjoying a pho cocktail during the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi. One of the most memorable trips of my life.

Cutud Lenten Rites Festival

Truly epic trip, and looking forward to seeing people get nailed on 2020.

Can’t talk about 2019 without mentioning the awesome experience of taking part in the remake of Castle Freak!

Bosnia, a new country for me and Justin Martell in 2019.

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Epic trip to both Iceland and Greenland, two new countries, and the northern lights!

My 6th year island hopping in El Nido, which never gets old.

Bir Tawil and Sudan were epic! One of the best trips I have ever, and probably will ever take.

Christmas Eve in Palau! Another first that I’m quite happy with. Here’s a picture at jellyfish lake.

And that was 2019 in pictorial form!

Koror Christmas Market, Santa, and Street Food

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