Is it rational that people stopped drinking Corona?

I’ve only done a few blogs about the coronavirus on here, partly because I want to keep this as happy a place as it can be, but also because I think there are other platforms best suited to it.

But we cannot ignore the elephant in the room that is the coronavirus and for whatever reason, some of the few blogs I’ve written on it tend to be trending. One of my top search terms is even “what is safe fast-food to eat during coronavirus”. I don’t massively have an answer, but it’s pointing people to this blog anyway.

I’m personally largely ignoring Facebook now, for many reasons, one of which is how dumb people are acting, but one of the few things I did reply to was one about the declining sales of Corona, the beer rather than the virus obviously.

I thought good and hard about this and was taken to when I first fled China for Hong Kong. I had decided to visit Wan Chai for drinks and street food, and found myself, as one does in Amazonia bar. This was merely a day after China had unceremoniously shut its border with China, and I saw guys laughing and joking at the bar, whilst drinking Corona beer.

Now I’ll ignore the fact that Corona is a crap beer with a gimmick (yes the line is a gimmick), and just say what I felt at the time. I felt it looked they were being crass, or worse ironic about the plight of others. Now, of course, I could, and hopefully am wrong about the motives of the white, western gentlemen, but it really doesn’t matter.

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There’s a science to how branding affects our brain, and sadly for Corona, it is no longer a word that makes people happy, but one that inspires fear.

So, we can call it cov-19 all we want, but sadly the declining sales of the beer are not something irrational, but something anyone with any knowledge of marketing could assure you, was actually quite inevitable.

The human brain is quite a complex beast.

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