Boiled BBQ (Kou Rou) in Shenzhen

chinese bbq shenzhen

Whilst moving house in Shenzhen, China, tends to be one of the most stressful things we can do.

I just relocated my office there around the Grand Theater Subway Station. One of my first nights , I decided to go and explore their street foods.

boiled noodles in seafood sauce shenzhen
Boiled Noodles in Seafood Sauce in Shenzhen

I am essentially in the Central Business District which surrounded by high-end malls, shopping centers, and designer stores. But China is China and no matter where you are, there are backstreets offering culinary delights.

There are lots of street foods (if there were not my street food blog would be pointless). When people say “let’s go for street food”, it usually implied for “lets go for BBQ meat (Kao Rou)”. Fill up a tray and they cook it for you. On one of the backstreets, I found a same place, which as well as the standard meats had a huge selection of meat and fish balls, mushrooms and all kinds of vegetables.

I made my choice, filled up the tray and handed it over. But alas not a BBQ in site, for this was to be boiled! Was asked if I wanted it spicy, to which I said yes. Then headed to the shop to purchase liquid refreshments.

This proved to be a very Chinese knock-off affair. In Hong Kong, you get the very British Lucozade, and in the said shop I thought I saw it, except it wasn’t a knock-off  which I purchased anyway. I also found a knock-off which is  “Rio” alcopops. Those are fairly good, if not definitely not that real……

lucozade shenzhen
Lucozade in Shenzhen

So as for the meal, I’m used to having my dishes served fried, where this resembled a fusion between hot-pot and street BBQ. You then add your own spices, and Soy, or Vinegar and get down to the business of eating.

chinese bbq shenzhen
Boiled Chinese BBQ in Shenzhen

A great meal that came out a mere $3, or RMB 21, I would say I’m now a convert to street BBQ/Hotpot. And all within spitting distance of my office.

House prices and salaries in there might be going nuts, but late street eats, and drinks still cost pennies.

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Written by Gareth

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