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Best Alcoholic Drinks in Cambodia

What are the best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia? Whether you like cheap beer, rice wine, fresh juices, coffee, or flat out moonshine, then Cambodia has something to offer everyone.

Couple that with some of the best street food in the world and you are set for good eats and alcoholic drinks in Cambodia.

In part 1 we look after the booze hounds out there! What are the best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia?

The best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia

Beer on ice

beer on ice - best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia

Beer on ice might be tantamount to sin in most countries, but in Cambodia it is a thing. This is often due to lack of refrigeration, but also because it is damned hot. Try it, it really is quite good.

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The Cambodian Beer Scene

best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia

Cambodians like beer above everything else, and it is available everywhere. The four main beers are Cambodia Beer, Angkor Beer, Anchor Beer, and Ganzberg. And I put them in that order of preference too.

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There are also a couple of indigenous stouts that are worth trying too.

The Cambodian Craft Beer Scene

Due to the expat community of Phnom Penh there is a really decent craft brewery scene, with beers being made throughout the country, from chocolate stouts to fine IPA’s.

Embargo bar - best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia

Check out Embargo bar if you are looking for craft beer in Phnom Penh.

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Spy Wine Cooler

If you want a nice girly drink that will get you drunk and quench your thirst then it is all about Spy Wine Coolers! The only real similarity with wine is the stain it leaves on your shirt.

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The Cambodian Whisky scene

The Cambdoian “whisky” scene was previously dominated by Khmer Whisky, a truly horrendous drink that bears very little resemblance to whisky. It is though $2 a bottle and in places like Koh Rong is very popular.

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REAL Whiskey

A new “real” whiskey inspired by Jack Daniels has now been made in Siem Reap by Holly Creek distilleries, this looks certain to take the cointry by storm and win a lot of awards.

Cambodian Rice Wine

This has been a little bit of a disappointment for me, as unlike China, Vietnam, for Laos you do not see all that much rice wine in Cambodia, although it does exist. Very strong, my only dalliance so far was when we visited the floating village.

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Is that is my guide best alcoholic drinks in Cambodia!

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