Banku and Tilapia

Banku and Tllaoia! Whilst my Jedi skills and traveling skills are pretty damned good, I sit at 142 countries and counting, my Africa part is pretty weak. Currently, I have only been to Tunisia (as a 19-year old), and Eritrea. This is obviously something I want, and intend to remedy, and the number one African country on my hit list? Ghana.

There are a number of reasons why I think Ghana would be absolutely kick ass to visit, its people, scenery, beaches, and of course street food.

In honour of a trip to Ghana planned for September, I have decided to introduce a dish right away.

Banku and Tilapia?

Banku and Tilapia, or Tilapia and Banku if you want to contrast is probably the best Ghanaian cuisine I have ever tried (in London of course).

Banku and Tilapia that can be found in every region of Ghana, is very popular and in some respects, is seen more of a delicacy than mere random Street Food. Heaven forbids.

What is Banku?

So, what is the Banku part? Banku is basically corn dough and flour mixed with cassava dough and flour to make a big hearty African style bread. It can be eaten with various sauces, with my personal preference being for the kind of hot sauce that hurts your bum.

What is Tilapia?

And what is this Tilapia you speak of? Tilapia is a river fish that can like most fish be baked, stewed, fried, or however you fancy it.

YOu can even find the Tilapia fish in Vietnam!

And what is Banku and Tilapia!

For this dish though you’d usually add some things like ginger, garlic, onions, spices, salt, pepper, and tomato before it all gets baked into a fabulous storm.

Banku and Tilapia

This really is a must-eat dish that even if you can’t make it to Accra there are similar dishes amongst the Ghanaian diaspora.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to let you know how the real McCoy tastes later this year.

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