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Back in Shenzhen, but it’s weird

Today I traveled from Guilin North to Shenzhen North. Apparently hotels are supposed to be closed, but hey it’s China.

The train was a lot more full than I expected, but then again many trains have been cancelled. Whether things are under control, or not I don’t know, but economically people cannot stay at home forever.

I’m happy to say that everyone was wearing masks, with varying levels of ridiculousness to be honest though!

At Shenzhen North railway station (which was empty) i was surprised to see 7-Eleven open, so decided to indulge myself with Shenzhen meat balls (street food guy remember). I found the staff eating noodles, when i asked for meat balls he came over chewing his noodles without a mask. I asked about a mask, and he just shrugged at me. I’m daring, but decided to give it a miss. 7-Eleven I love you, but please up your damned game.

The Shenzhen Metro was pretty empty, but had people, which was similarly matched on the streets. I saw one lady with pretty pink hair, which was nice.

The security at my apartment was tip-top, i had my temperature taken and my passport ánd documents checked (including proof of where i’d come from). Most of the Chine-bashers simply aren’t here to see the effort all people are taking to halt the spread of this horrible thing.

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Now i’m in an empty house/apartment with no food, or drinks contemplating my next move. Of that i know not what.

Part of me wants to stay and fight it out with the Chinese, but economically i simply need to move.

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