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24 hours in Subic Bay

swimming pool at wild orchid

Some of the best trips are the quickest, so our trusted team of drinkers opted for 24 hours in Subic Bay, away from the bustling metropolis of Angeles City. Here’s how to spend 24 hours in Olongapo City.

Here’s how you do it!

How do you get from Angeles to Olongapo City?

Fly The Bus leaves from Angeles City at 10 am everyday, arriving in Subic Bay at around half past eleven. It costs 12 dollars.

What’s the best hotel in Olongapo City.?

The best hotel in Subic Bay is Wild Orchid. There are cheaper options, and higher end, but 60 bucks here gets you the best swimming pool and great proximity to the beach.

Best restaurant in Subic?

blue rock resort
Seafood at Blue Rock Resort

My personal favourite is Blue Rock, which has amazing (and cheap seafood), as well as great cocktails.

Street Food in Olongapo City?

Not the varied choices of Angleles, but a decent enough spread. There’s tons of food, and street food options all over Barrio Barreto (bar street). Typical Filipino fare.

Best bars of Subic Bay?

bar in subic

We sampled a few decent bars on Barrio Barreto, but our favourite was the imaginatively named “Hot Zone”. Cheap prices, friendly staff, and epic bants. The worst bar was Alaska Club, horrible place.

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And the beach?

Baloy Long Beach is really nice and stretches out for miles. Drunk people party here at night.

And that’s our guide on a 24 hour Subic Party. Enjoy!

Pampanga Street Food!!!

Blue Rock Subic Bay