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18 years an expat!

Time certainly does fly!

This Sunday (October 27th) marks 18 years since I first left the UK and embarked on a career of eating and drinking myself around the world.

I’ve put together some of my favourite photos from the early part of those years, yes before camera phones.


Ok, so this is way way before that time, but I was bang on into my phones before it was popular.

My first photo from when I moved to the Cayman Islands. Yes I was thin once.

Next stop the cruise ships. We nicknamed our room Club 2414.

Me tending the sunset bar on Oceana

I didn’t always remain sober during my time at sea.

I eventually left the ships and got a very sensible job teaching English in Xian.

I was also an amateur booby doctor, although my career never really took off.

We were known to have the odd drunken night out in the golden years of Xian.

Eventually I grew up and started Young PioneerTours

The rest as they say is history.

I’ll look to be adding a few more photos from the golden years as the week goes on.

Written by Gareth

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